Lapland Winter Archipelago Escape– 5 Days

Are you looking for a (ice) road less travelled?  Just book a short holiday to a truly unique part of Swedish Lapland. You are just a few short hours away from a winter wonderland on an island surrounded by ice!


Take a vehicle transfer on the ice road and be our guests and stay in our small and cosy farmhouse where you will have the chance to see the Northern Aurora away from the city lights, practice traditional winter skills such as firemaking, making shelters and route finding with map and compass, snowshoeing and ice fishing with our experienced guides.


Oh and did we forget to mention we have a Husky kennel? 11 huskies are waiting to meet you, pull and play in the snow, are you?   


Day one

You will be met at the airport by your guide for the transfer out across the frozen sea by ice road to Jopikgården, your farmhouse on the island. You will either take a snowmachine or car with your guide on the maintained ice road and meet our team and experience a little Swedish hospitality with warm drinks and a bite to eat after your journey. 

The afternoon is open to settle in and get to know the area. 

In the evening follow the candles to your dinner location where an outdoor dinner will be prepared by our chef. The location is quiet, remote and offers the best chance for seeing the Northern Lights.

If the aurora is out we can go out, after dinner, and marvel at the natural beauty that is Swedish Lapland in winter before returning to the lodge, and maybe something from the bar?


Day two

After a hearty breakfast we ensure you are properly dressed for the weather and you will be fitted with quality modern snowshoes for a guided tour in our old growth forest where you will learn wilderness skills including shelters, fire making and route finding and have a well-earned lunch cooked over an open fire. We have the opportunity to see island wildlife such as sea eagles, hares and foxes, and maybe an elusive moose as we make fire for lunch, followed by a Swedish outdoor specialty, coffee over the open fire.


After we return warm up by the fire as we prepare another not to be missed Swedish experience - the private wood-fired sauna overlooking the ice! Your private sauna will be warm and inviting as you spend time in the heat before resting in a warm room next door with an amazing view looking out over the sea, and of course snacks and drinks. If you prefer not to sauna, take the opportunity to explore the island with some fat bikes or kick sleds with some free time before dinner.

Dinner tonight will be in the restaurant, and the bar will be open throughout the evening.  If the aurora is out you have the possibility to go out and view these amazing lights. Ask to take a dog with you as I am sure you have fallen in love with them already!


Day three

Our day starts with breakfast, dressing, feeding the dogs (if you want). Then it´s time to meet the dogs, getting dog kisses, learning their names and abilities as we see what the day has for us. This will be a fun day filled with husky experiences. Maybe we hike with dogs, go on a ride with them as they pull our fat bikes on the ice (dogjoring), or go on a short and fast dogsled tour or maybe a combination! 

The afternoon is open for you to explore the village or just relax by the fire in the lounge room. 

Dinner this night will be served in the restaurant. And of course, if it´s a clear night you can go outside to look at the stars or the northern lights. 

Day four

Our day starts with breakfast, dressing, feeding the dogs, then off to the ice for fishing! We drill through the ice and fish for local species such as perch or pike with your guide. Warm drinks are provided as are reindeer skins to sit on! After ice fishing, we walk back to the Inn to enjoy lunch.

In the afternoon we planned an (optional) Ice yoga class. Your yoga guide will lead you through a yoga routine including a northern lights salutation on the Baltic Sea as you enjoy the sound of silence. You do not need any previous experience to take part of this class.  After the class we will enjoy a warm drink and a snack.

Your final dinner will be our ‘departure banquet’ where we get to eat a hearty dinner, tell tall stories, relive our adventures, and spend our final night together before departing in the morning. After dinner, we will retire to the lounge where the bar will be available throughout the evening.

Day five

With a ‘Gentleman's late start and breakfast or brunch, you will be well-rested to begin your homeward journey back across the ice road to town and the airport.