What to expect

Interested in the experiencing the husky lifestyle? With us you have the opportunity to to something unique and come away with memories and a relationship with our friendly dogs. Take a deep dive into a working kennel as you meet the dogs, feed and help train our team! Once you come to our island you meet the team and take part in feeding and start learning their names. You will learn sled basics, commands and take part in training during your stay. All interactions with the dogs are carefully planned so everything is safe and fun, no one is asked to do something they don’t feel comfortable with. No day will be exactly the same as we plan for training. You will learn how to harness the dogs, learn their temperaments, read he snow and ice conditions and give commands to the team. We use a variety of training tools including fatbikes, quad bikes and of course dogsleds.

You will live in a renovated farmhouse overlooking the Bothnian bay with a sauna available for your use. All meals are cooked in our kitchen, or outside over an open fire. We can accomodate customized menus and have a small but well stocked bar for those that want to have a nightcap before turning in. By the end of your adventure you will have worked with our huskies, made some unforgettable memories and learned how to operate a husky kennel!


Day 1

Depending on your flight and transfer option you arrive and get settled upstairs in your cosy room, change clothes take a light snack and meet the dogs. If time permits you can help with feeding. After dinner we go over some basic equipment and plan for the next day.


Day 2

After breakfast we feed dogs, clean the cage and prepare for daily training. It could consist of harnessing basics, how we handle the dogs and a training session with fatbikes or quad bike, lunch in the farmhouse, then resume training followed by preparing the dogs food and feeding. If you wish you can take a sauna or use our snowshoes to explore around the island before dinner. After dinner we can make a fire and take a glass and discuss the next days training.


Day 3

Breakfast, feeding, cleaning and training possibly with the snowmachine and a small dogsled depending on snow and ice conditions, lunch and more training. After the dogs are looked after maybe dinner cooked outdoors?


Day 4

Breakfast, feeding and cleaning, then harnessing the dogs to the large sled for a ride with your guide, and checkout and transfer to the airport.

Participants: 2-8 people
Price: from 12800 per person, kids prices availible

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